Lego Pirate Ship At Island

Lego 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty docks at 6273 Rock Island Refuge

Lego Ship

The heart of the Lego Pirates line is the ships. Lego ships (specifically pirate ships) have been some of the most popular and recognizable Lego sets for decades. As a part of the 565363 pirate revival (known to AFOL’s as Pirates II) Lego released two new ships 131`33`1 and 134`13413. My reviews are below:Imperial FlagshipThe Imperial Flagship is probably the best Lego ship to date, though fans of the original 414478 would probably argue with me. I just don’t think that there’s another one out there that compares to the majesty and splendor of this beauty. TLG spared no expense in the design and detail presented here. I can’t imagine a better job in any respect, the ship is a perfect and beautiful display. The build took me about three hours. Finished, it measures just under 30 inches long, 24 inches high, and in person the size is the first thing that strikes you. No internet picture can truly do justice to

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