Lego Pirates of the Caribbean!

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cast

After months of speculation and rumors, TLG has finally released the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean sets, and they are magnificent! If you are a fan of these movies, characters, or pirate Legos in general, you have to pick up these sets. I was a bit worried after seeing the preliminary pictures that the POTC line was going to be a bit bland but after ordering and assembling the sets I am pleasantly surprised. The strength of the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean line is the minifigures, they are all superbly done, and help carry some of the weaker elements of the sets. To start, you have to give credit for the sharply designed Lego Jack Sparrow, who is, of course, the lynchpin of the entire series. Although the way his hair is done makes his figure seem larger than all the other ones, he is still one of the best screen-to-Lego transitions ever made. The facial expressions on all of his (double sided) heads are perfect at capturing the wry spirit of the character from the movies. There are several version of the Jack Sparrow character given, some with his trademark tricorne hat and some with a bandana, and also a few sets feature altered faces to fit the scene. All of these headsets are brand new molds, and they are just the first of many new pieces Lego introduces with this series.

There are many other beloved Pirates of the Caribbean figures in these sets, including minifig renditions of Lego Will Turner, Lego Elizabeth Swan, Lego Hector Barbossa (both as a skeleton and several human designs, Lego Joshamee Gibbs.(I've watched the entire original trilogy several times and never knew that was his name, but maybe I'm just dense.) Among other great figure from the new POTC movie, On Stranger Tides, are Lego Blackbeard, Lego mermaids, and several Lego zombie pirates. Not sure how the zombie pirate thing is going to play out in the films; I hope the new movie doesn't try to continually top itself in weirdness and computer-generated mayhem (which is a definite weakness in the first trilogy). I can say they do make great Lego figures though, and the Lego Blackbeard figure is a must-own for every Lego pirate fan regardless of whether you enjoy these movies or not. Great great design, with a new crazy beard mold and especially with the new sword. Avast ye dirty swabs!

One of the most popular Lego POTC sets is 4183 The Mill. Check out my review and pictures here. Or add some of your own!

Check out these pictures of 4194 Whitecap Bay, featuring new Lego mermaids!

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