Batman Legos

So is there a cooler Superhero than Batman? He never got bit by an radioactive aardvark or flown in from another planet. He can't shoot lightning out of his hands or leap over mount Everest without breaking a sweat. No, this dude was like "Hey if I don't have special powers it's all good. I can still be the badest crimefighter to ever live." And Batman Legos might be the badest Legos to ever exist.

The original line released in 2006 my be one of the darkest Lego themes ever. Specifically, the 7785 Arkham Asylum set featured an apparent torture chamber complete with sadistic guards, chainsaws, whips, and a bed of fire. Yikes!

The newer Super Hero re-release is much toned down, featuring a lighter take on the Lego Batman theme more reminiscent of the Adam West TV show. The new 6860 Batcave even features a red phone straight out of the old show.