Lego Clone Troopers

Recently I picked up the two new Lego Star Wars Battle Packs:7913 Lego Clone Troopers and 7914 Lego Mandalorian Battle Pack. Though I’m not a big fan of the Star Wars prequels, or the “Clone Wars” TV show, I have to admit that Lego does a phenomenal job creating Lego sets designed around them. The new Clone Troopers battle pack is a useful army builder to anyone who collects Lego Star Wars characters. Even though I am not a huge fan of the source material, I felt compelled to pick up this set because of the great clone trooper minifig design.

In my opinion the best element of the set is the ARF trooper, pictured below. The ARF (Advanced Recon Force) trooper is one of the baddest looking Star Wars minifigs ever. In the Star Wars mythology, these clone troopers were tasked with scouting enemy positions and carrying out surprise attacks.

This year has seen the introduction of the new mini blasters (as seen above), a great new Star Wars weapon. Blasters have developed quite a bit from the start of the Lego Star Wars line, and this revision has produced the best representation of blasters at the right scale size.

The new BARC speeder bike is improved over the last one TLG released, and is more accurate to the movies and TV show. This identical speeder can also be found in the 7869 Battle for Genosis set.

By now, if you are any kind of Lego Star Wars collector you have tons of the Clone Troopers, but Lego does a decent job of breaking up the monotony by introducing new Clone designs. However, I can't help but wonder why there are only a few types of Stormtroopers in the Star Wars universe, while there are rainbows of varieties of clonies being developed (in Star Wars timeline) 30 years in the past. Apparently they got tired of painting their armor pretty colors?

Here is a pic of a battle between the new Lego Mandalorian Battle Pack

and the Clone Trooper Battle Pack, with Boba Fett thrown in for fun. I know the timeline is wrong, so don’t freak out on me, that’s the fun of Legos.

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