Lego Death Star

Lego Death Star 2

If you know a fan of Starwars Legos who does not own a Lego Death Star (set #10188), get it for them right away. They will worship you eternally and forever!

This is probably the greatest Lego set of all time, with the possible exception of the 10179 Millennium Falcon. First off, it is massive, at 16" tall and 16" wide. Second, almost every environment found in the Death Stars in the movies is represented here, from the trash compactor to the Emperor's throne room. It took me two week to build and annoyed my wife to death because of the pieces scattered everywhere in the house! Seriously, don't miss this one; it is unbelievable when finished.

Did I mention that it comes with 24 Star Wars Lego figures? 24! Incredible!

A Magician on the Lego Death Star

The Empire keeps Stormtrooper morale high by providing regular entertainment. Here, a magician regales the clone crowd.

Deadly Wampa on the Lego Death Star

Who let him out of his cage?!!

Lego Death Star 3

Great Lego Star Wars characters...

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